March 23rd, 2011

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I need to get some pulleys that will clamp to the edge of a table. They are ludicrously expensive from all of the usual laboratory suppliers, but I have a feeling that there must be other uses for them. Basically, I need to hang up to say 3kg of weights over the edge of a bench on a string or wire - a metal pulley wheel is probably preferable, but plastic would do if the price is low.

Here's a picture - unfortunately this is from a US source, I can't find a cheap supplier in the UK

Anyone know of a source for something like this in the UK whose price is vaguely realistic?
The Stig

Fanfic: They Saved Milton Keynes 1/4(?) - Top Gear / Surprise Crossovers

I've almost finished writing this, but I think I'll post it in four or five parts to make it easier to revise as I go. Some of you may remember me mentioning it as an RPG session I ran last year, but there are a LOT of changes.

This is Top Gear / multiple surprise crossover fanfic, and a bit silly. You have been warned

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