April 17th, 2011

marcus 2013

Cliff, Shag, Marry meme

selenak posted this meme -

1) Comment to this and (if you want) I will give you 3 (fictional) people.
2) Post this meme to your LJ with your answers.
3) Provide pictures/text descriptions and the names of the 3 people.
4) Label whom you would shag, marry and (push off a) cliff.

So the characters she gave me were Jessica Jones (Marvel Comics), Diana (Wonder Woman) and Faith (from BTVS)

Given that all three can probably survive being pushed off a cliff, and are much more likely to be the ones doing the pushing, this is not an easy choice...

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So... comment below saying "meme me" and I'll give you three names. I might listen if you express a preference for gender...
marcus 2013


Just bought the 7TV wargame. I've bought the printed book, but the price includes a free download of the PDF, so I'm having great fun reading it now. VERY nicely done - if you've ever heard of the RPG "Copshow" by James Wallis, which was play tested but never published, it's a similar sort of idea.

I forgot to say that there's a sampler PDF you can download here:

marcus 2013

Burn Notice

Apparently Burn Notice is back tonight. Must remember to take a look before I carry on with my Dexter multiple crossover. Anyone know when the next season of Dexter begins?