July 7th, 2011

marcus 2013

Anyone know these printers?

Some time soon I'll need to buy a new printer, my old Xerox 6100 is running out of black toner and needs lots of other consumables, so much so that it's probably cheaper to bin it and buy a replacement. It's also huge and noisy, which I could live without.

I've been thinking in terms of trying to get another duplexing colour laser printer, but need to face the fact that they are hideously complex and get very expensive once things like drums and transfer belts start to wear out. Duplexing is actually more important to me than colour, so I'm not ruling out a mono printer.

Currently the two main contenders are these

Canon LBP 6650; it's a duplexing mono network printer, the price works out at £50 after the cash back, but the toner looks pretty expensive - more than £100 for a high-capacity cartridge, I can't find anyone selling refill kits. The printer is available around this price from several dealers. If I got this I would also need a colour printer for occasional use, but a basic inkjet would probably suffice; I've been thinking about buying an inkjet for printing directly onto CDs anyway.

Dell 3130cn; another duplexing colour laser at a little under £300, the toner looks to be VERY expensive but it looks like cartridge refill kits can be found.

So - anyone know anything good (or bad) about either of them?