July 10th, 2011

marcus 2013

Useful writing resources

Internet Movie Plane Data Base


Lots of aircraft that have appeared in films and on TV.

Internet Movie Firearm Data Base


As above, but guns, seems to have more TV shows.

Internet Movie Car Data Base


You have to search for specific movies / shows rather than browsing, and there isn't as much information as there is in the planes database, but it seems fairly comprehensive.

Also helicopters (some overlap with the planes)

marcus 2013

Interesting episode title

I was just checking when Eureka and Warehouse 13 resume (answer - tomorrow) and noticed that a Eureka episode appearing at the end of August is called "This One Time at Space Camp..." which appears to be a flashback episode since several characters are described as "young something" e.g. a kid playing "Young Jo", another "young Zane" etc.

I was wondering if Alyson Hannigan would be guest-starring, but apparently not. However, there are some interesting names on the cast list:

Felicia Day (Vi in Buffy, Penny in Dr. Horrible)
Nico Cortez (Young Adama in BSG Razor) as Jo's father, probably in flashback since he looks a bit young.
Aaron Douglas (Tyrol in BSG)
Nico McEown (Cody in American Pie Presents: The Book of Love)
Will Wheaton (who?) as Dr Isaac Parrish, has been in a previous episode.
Nicholas Elia (Ben Braeden in Supernatural) as Young Parrish

Looks like it might be interesting and I suspect that people who like "kidfic" about normally adult characters (I don't much) will love it.