July 13th, 2011


Fanfic: Five Jobs Dawn Summers Didn’t Get (and one she did)

This is basically a response to quite a few stories I’ve seen recently, and to a long thread about tropes in Buffyverse fanfic on the Twisting the Hellmouth forums; none of the drabbles are based on any one story. I’ve chosen to write about Dawn Summers, but it would have been easy to write something similar about most of the Buffyverse characters.

I can believe a lot of things in Buffy fanfic, but one I have trouble with is the super-competent Scooby, the idea that the characters will easily walk into any job that they want. There are sometimes a few practical problems - and if you're writing about a real job, you have no excuse not to do the research and find out what they are...

There might be even more problems if the Scooby actually gets the job!

Six 100-word Drabbles; all characters belong to their respective creators, soulless media conglomerates, etc. No warnings, apart from one slightly squicky idea.

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