July 25th, 2011

marcus 2013

Network printer shock horror...

The Canon network printer arrived today. I was expecting the usual horrendous battle to make the thing work, but in fact things went fairly easily once I'd figured out that it would be a LOT easier if I set the IP address of the printer manually, which involved a lot of button pressing but went OK.

After that Windows install recognised the printer automatically and worked correctly, OS-X install was fine once I entered the address, and there didn't seem to be a Linux driver but it worked OK as a generic PCL5e printer.

Which brings me to my only question - it appears to have two modes, PCL5e and UFR II. Windows installed both, the Mac driver only installed UFR II. Is there a reason why one or the other should be preferable under Windows?

Later because of difficulty editing this page I wasn't able to say that it's VERY fast - 2-3 seconds from standby to first page out, and about four seconds to print a double-sided page.