October 13th, 2011

marcus 2013

Adding programs to Wine menu

This is a silly one...

Neither of the oscilloscope programs offered in the Ubuntu Linux software centre want to work on the little netbook, so I've installed Wine and a teeny program called Winscope, which is a basic Windows 3.1 freeware oscilloscope. I will probably use Wine with other programs so I haven't just added a few hundred megabytes of files to run a single 800k application.

The trouble is that it's a tiny single-file Windows program and the Windows install method is simply to copy it onto the hard disk and put a link on the menu.

I've managed the putting on the hard disk part. I've managed running it under Wine and configuring Wine to emulate Windows 3.1 when running it. What I can't manage is getting it onto the applications menu. It just isn't there, even after a reboot, though Wine obviously knows it exists.

Anyone got a suggestion on how to do this?
marcus 2013

Clear out time again...

...and I have a few power packs from old modems etc. that I want to get rid of. Before I try to find a charity shop or something that might want them, can anyone LOCAL (e.g. UK and preferably London since they are very heavy) use any of the following:

US Robotics SP2, UK mains to 18V AC, 500mA
No name - type 8717, UK mains to 12.8V DC, max 10W
Hewlett-Packard APS57EA-219, UK mains to 24v 0.7A DC - needs a kettle lead
Hewlett-Packard 9100-5536, UK mains to 18V DC, 730mA
OEM UK mains to 10V 1.2A
Linksys UK mains to 5V 2.5A

All of these have concentric plugs of various sizes, I'm not sure of exact sizes. I think they're all working, if anyone is actually interested in anything I'll test it.