November 1st, 2011

marcus 2013

Just for the record

So far today I've deleted two comments from two "different" people who had evidently not actually read the posts (or at least were unable to reply to them in any coherent way) but were presumably hoping to be friended as a result of commenting and complimenting me on my post. Both "replies" were virtually identical. This is usually a sign of an impending spam storm or scam.

Needless to say I have deleted both posts and blocked these accounts from commenting in my journal again - I will do the same to any other post that shows the same hallmarks of coming from an automated lying scumbag. I do not friend people casually, and when I do so I make bloody sure that they are real people, not sock puppets.

Since people who do this get journal names by accessing someone's friends list, don't be surprised if this happens to you too, and don't be tempted to friend someone who cozies up to you this way - it's usually a VERY bad idea.

Dragonmeet Games

These are the games I'm planning to run at Dragonmeet 2011 on November 26th

Forgotten Futures XII - Empire of Earth
Playtest of a new setting
Frog Day Afternoon
2240 AD - With the 450th anniversary of Bastille Day approaching, and the Anglo-Saxon Empire still recovering from its war with Sirius, the government fears that French terrorists will take advantage of perceived weaknesses to make another attempt to revive the "glories" of their long-dead nation. Your mission, should you choose to accept...
4-6 players, 3 hours(ish)

Fanfic The Role Playing Game
Diana Warrior Princess rules, Playtest
The season's premiere of an exciting new action-adventure series: when poachers kill Jellystone Park's mascot and several park rangers, an elite team must be found to replace them. But there may be bigger problems than poachers...
4-6 players, 3 hours(ish)

Hope I'll see some of you there