November 21st, 2011

marcus 2013


I've been preparing handouts etc. for Jellystone!, the Fanfic RPG adventure I'll be running on Saturday afternoon. I was expecting to have to do a lot of drawing etc., but it turns out that there is a Jellystone Park motel franchise that uses the Yogi Bear image, and they have produced all of the maps etc. I could possibly need - as an obvious example, I think that there's going to be a big confrontation in a motel, and I've found loads of maps, all nicely labelled as Jellystone Park motel. There's a nice "Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park Camp - Resort" logo with a picture of Yogi, and so forth. The plot is coming together quite nicely, and I think it's going to be a fun session - I'll post a summary next week, since this obviously can't be published in the game - too many trademarks etc!

The Forgotten Futures session I've planned for the morning may have to be a different scenario than I'd originally intended - the plot hasn't gelled very well, and I think I've used similar ideas too many times before. I may use the scenario I trialed at the UK RPG university con this summer instead, I know that it works - but it means that players who took part in that may be disappointed. I'll just have to see what I can come up with.