January 30th, 2012

Angel of the Revolution

Index page for Police Code

I'm trying to work out how to format the index pages for the Police Code book. There are about 1700 index phrases, and if I leave it single column it's going to be pretty useless. Organizing it vertically in two or more columns may also be a bad idea, invariably someone would want to look up something that was at the bottom of the first column but had entries that stretched over onto the top of the next.

I could break it down into smaller files alphabetically, or put in a row of alphabetical links at intervals, but that adds a lot more button clicks. What I'm wondering is if it would be a good idea to do it as a VERY wide table, say 30 lines high and 50 columns wide, with the user scrolling sideways.

Any thoughts? Better suggestions?
lost world

Sir Howard Vincent's Police Code

I've put my first draft of Sir Howard Vincent's Police Code on my site. For those who didn't see my previous posts, it's basically the 15th (1912) edition of a compact guide on how to be a London policeman, and the basis of the codes used by all of the UK's police forces, and many Commonwealth forces. It should be useful to anyone writing about the UK police in this period:


I'm still working my way through the index - for some reason a lot of the page numbers were missing or jumbled, so I ended up deleting them and am working my way through the entries, adding the links manually by reference to the book - I've done A and B, I'll upload again when I have a few more letters done.

I'm sure that there are still lots of OCR and formatting errors etc., if you spot anything that looks wrong please let me know. Please don't post links to it on other sites for now, I'd prefer to fix any problems first.

later - index now A to D. And so to bed, I think...

Later still - so much for bed... now tested under Opera, Safari, and Firefox on (respectively) my PC running XP, my iBook running OSX Tiger, and my netbook running Mint Linux. And it all works, despite large variations in screen resolution etc., including the bits that had to use tables etc. Pleased (and a little surprised), and now REALLY heading for bed!

Next day - also OK under Internet Explorer 9 and Google Chrome under (spit) Vista.