February 4th, 2012

marcus 2013

Bikes versus scooters

I'm not going to buy a bike until I've sold the old one and know how much money I have to play with, but I went to look at one today - an oldish BMW K1100 which I could more or less afford - and decided that it probably isn't for me; it's the sort of bike that needs a couple of hundred miles of Autobahn to be happy, really too big, fast and top-heavy for the sort of driving I do in London, where the longest journeys I do are out to the suburbs and occasionally Cambridge etc., 60 miles or so each way.

This was at a dealers, and the suggestion I got there was that a reasonably modern motor scooter, say a good 250cc model, is probably going to be just as fast and much more manoeuvrable in street traffic, also a good deal more comfortable. It's not something I'd thought about, and they're actually rather more expensive than the bikes I've been looking at, but I suppose it's worth considering.

Anyone got any thoughts on this?
marcus 2013

Police Code announcement

Since there don't seem to be more errors turning up I'm posting links to the Police Code on various communities, to usenet, etc. - I can always make corrections if necessary. If you'd like to link to it or mention it elsewhere, please go ahead - I won't be changing the address. Here's the announcement:

Sir Howard Vincent's Police Code (1912)

I've put the complete text of Sir Howard Vincent's Police Code on my web site. It's the 15th (1912) edition of a compact guide to law, conduct, etc. for London policeman, by the man who founded Scotland Yard's CID (Criminal Investigation Department). It was used as a reference by all of the UK's police forces, and adapted to many Commonwealth forces. It should be useful to anyone researching or writing about the UK police in this period, and much of it undoubtedly applies to British police forces from the Victorian era well into the 1920s-30s. To make it easier to use I've adapted the index which now has several THOUSAND links to entries, and put several hundred links into the text.


I've had a lot of help correcting this, but undoubtedly some OCR and formatting errors etc. remain, if you spot anything that looks wrong please let me know.
marcus 2013

Snow business

Hadn't realised, since I've been sat in front of a computer since 3 PM or so - it's been snowing! Looks like only a half-inch or so, since there is currently no through route on my road it isn't being squished away by cars, so looks worse than it is. Unless we get a lot more I can't imagine my school shutting next week, unfortunately.

later - looks about 2-3" deep at 12.45 AM.

Sunday 12.50 PM I think it was actually about an inch deep. Trains are running, so hopefully I can get in to work tomorrow.
marcus 2013

PDF conversion with links

Is there any way I can convert something like the Police Code book into a document editable by e.g. Word, keep all the links, and eventually save it as PDF with all the links?

never mind, I'm an idiot, Acrobat can do it!

But is there any way I can tell Acrobat NOT to put the file address at the bottom of each page? Also, is there any way to put page breaks that Acrobat will recognize into an HTML document short of breaking it into multiple files - which would screw up the linking again?