February 6th, 2012

marcus 2013

Police code again

I think I managed to solve my main problem with the Police Code PDF; basically, I've cropped all the pages by 1/4" top and bottom, to delete the offending headers and footers.

The snag is that this leaves the page size slightly non-standard; it'll be fine for on-screen use, I hope, and I don't think any reasonably good PDF printing program will run into problems, but it would be nice to be sure. It seems to be fine with Acrobat and Adobe Reader, and with Preview on my iBook, but they're currently the only PDF viewers I have installed - it would be nice to be sure that it's generally OK.

What would be great is if a few of you could try it - just check that it works OK on screen, and if possible print a couple of pages to make sure that nothing too horrible happens.

Once again, the file is here:


then follow the link to the PDF.

Many thanks!