March 11th, 2012

marcus 2013

Number Crunching

On rec.arts.sf.fandom a certain poster is inclined to make what I suspect are somewhat exaggerated claims about the amount of emails, spams, etc. he receives, how much time he spends deleting them, etc. etc.

I suspect that he has never analyzed his figures rigorously. But someone else has:

I wonder if we should ask for similar proof to back up future claims...
marcus 2013

Crossrail portal mystery structure

This is the superstructure that has been built over the crossrail portal - I've taken a couple of pictures then stitched them using the free Hugin program, which is very good. Since I was doing this from home I used the Nikon, so the pictures are on the big side.

Collapse )

Not entirely happy with the sharpness of these pictures, but after three attempts that came out worse I've decided the hell with it.

This thing looks like it's about the same length as they give for the tunnelling machine, so possibly it's something to do with getting the machine ready. The yellow crane was there before this was built and I think is over the actual portal face - it can't move any further to the left because it is too low.