March 15th, 2012

marcus 2013

That's no moon...'s the Giant Tunnelling Machine of Doom

Some time last night they raised the footbridge again and got the first tunnel building machine under it - I'm not sure how complete it is at this stage, I suspect that they're still finishing assembly and tests. And will be proved wrong if it starts work tomorrow, of course.

I saw it looming through the mist this morning, but it was too misty to get good photos - tonight things were a lot clearer. This thing really is BIG, about 100 metres long - I've just taken successive pictures starting with the full visible length of it and ending with a zoom in on the cutting edge of technology.

There are trains on two of the six older lines passing the house - the red one is a Hammersmith and City underground train going off and down into a tunnel to the left, the other one is on the nearest or second nearest of four main lines - there's also a siding even nearer the wall, but it's rarely used now because it isn't electrified.

Pictures are on Wikipedia Commons if you follow the links.

I forgot to add wikipedia category tags for the pictures I uploaded on Sunday and can't figure out how to do it - can anyone tell me?