March 16th, 2012

marcus 2013

An interesting omission

I was trying to think why the cutting end of the Crossrail tunnelling machine looks strange, and it just came to me - it's the only large piece of engineering equipment I've ever seen that has no manufacturer's logo or other insignia on its hull. The reason is pretty obvious - once it starts work nobody will ever see it again, so there's no point.
marcus 2013

More tunnelling machine stuff

A couple of links that were mentioned in comments:

Spotted by curiouswombat and johnreiher - Nice article on how it will work - incidentally shows that there is a logo on the machine, just not visible from here:

Spotted by w00hoo - Boris Johnson at a launch ceremony a few days ago

Spotted by willplant - Time lapse of moving the machine - includes the footbridge being jacked up, and shows just how huge the thing is:
marcus 2013

A REALLY useful change for once...

For anyone who doesn't read news, a new feature has been enabled called "spoiler tags," which are like the ordinary cuts but don't reload the page, and let you have multiple cuts on a single page without seeing all of them at once - the procedure is the same as the lj-cut thing, but with lj-spoiler instead.

so here is [a spoiler]a spoiler - Rosebud is the sleigh

and here is [another]another - Luke is Vader's son

There's some other useful stuff including the ability to set up posts to appear at a particular time if you can't be at a computer to post - must be good for e.g. games, contests, announcements, etc.
marcus 2013

Little old ladies

For some reason I missed the pilot episode of Dirk Gently a year or so ago; watching it now, and just realised that Mrs. Jordan, the old lady whose missing cat launches the plot, was the Haemovore in the first Martha Jones episode of Dr. Who.

Now there's an interesting crossover...