May 2nd, 2012


Five Dates Supergirl Didn’t Enjoy… And One She Did. DC Movieverse / West Wing

Supergirl Returns #11 - previous stories in this series are
On Twisting the Hellmouth
On Archive of Our Own
Previous chapters are
On Twisting the Hellmouth
On Archive of Our Own

This is the fourth of six short chapters - I should post them reasonably quickly, I hope. All characters belong to their respective creators, giant megacorporations of doom, etc. and there is no intent to infringe on copyright.

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marcus 2013

Ducking for cover

I walked in to work today and noticed that two of the police I passed a couple of streets from Marble Arch were carrying machine guns, presumably as part of the big pre-Olympics security exercise that's going on this week.

For some strange reason I don't find the idea of police carrying machine guns even slightly reassuring, because if they have to use them either they or someone else will be putting a lot of lead into the air, with no guarantee where any strays will end up, and little chance that the police actually have much experience under real urban combat conditions. Yet another reason for me to be SERIOUSLY annoyed by the Olympics...
Transit of Venus

Transit of Venus - June 2012

Venus will be visible transiting the sun on June 5th-6th – if I’ve read the chart right it will only be visible from the UK in the early morning and the transit will have already started at sunrise.

Looks like there’s some useful material including charts, iphone apps, etc.

The icon is some pictures I took of the 2004 transit. It was processed in various ways to make the moving dot clearer, the final picture of the four was slightly crooked since I was hand-holding the camera.