June 16th, 2012

marcus 2013

Another flypast

Due to not very nice weather plus other commitments I wasn't able to go down to Buckingham Palace to get photos of the Trooping of the Colours fly-past, but I did take some pictures from my roof. This time some of the modern aircraft came my way, including a Nimrod, a Hercules, and the RAF Red Arrows formation flying team. LOTS of pictures, the quality of most isn't as good as I'd like - basically, they didn't come that close except for the Red Arrows - so I've cut and resampled most fairly small, you aren't losing much. Nevertheless the total file size is pretty huge.

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The Red Arrows - lots of smaller pictures, then an animation and two at the full size

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marcus 2013

My new claim to fame

I forgot to mention my new claim to fame - I had a letter published in the Evening Standard last night. Admittedly it isn't exactly of world-shattering importance:
Is the rotten printing of recent Sudoku puzzles in the Standard supposed to make it more challenging? I have poor sight and I am finding the current mix of fuzzy numbers and missing lines very difficult to solve.
They cut more than half the message, which originally went on to say
- not because the puzzles are any harder, but because it rapidly gives me a headache, and because the missing lines make it easy to put numbers in the wrong place. PLEASE fix it!
The good part is that they HAVE fixed it as of last night - my guess is that whoever sets the puzzles was scanning in an image that looked OK, but got resampled during the printing process and lost a lot of quality, they just needed to know about it to change the settings and fix it.