June 21st, 2012

oh superman

Supergirl Returns Outtake - Speedster - DC Universe / surprise crossover

This is a 100-word Drabble, an outtake from my Supergirl Returns stories - about all that you need to know is that in a previous story Nightwing crossed from the Justice Leage universe to another (based on the movies) where superheroes are a lot less common, and told Batman about the heroes of his world. Someone asked me who the Flash would be...

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marcus 2013

Interesting news

Just got an email from Amazon telling me my copy of The Long Earth (Pratchett / Baxter) has shipped. Be interested in seeing what it's like - as I understand it, it's a Pratchett SF idea from the late 70s / early 80s which he shelved because he was making hugely more money from the Discworld books. I just hope that it works with the hand of Baxter upon it.