July 11th, 2012

marcus 2013

Another media TV gizmo

OK, anyone know this one?

Cyclone Live Internet Media Player - same sort of deal as the other I was asking about, but seems to have more positive reviews.

later: Never mind - looks like BBC iPlayer isn't supported.

later still: Except the vendor seems to think it is - maybe they rolled out an upgrade.

Think I might buy one, return it if iPlayer doesn't work.

Update - I've bought one, will see how it goes.
marcus 2013


Quick fanfic question - at the games con in a couple of weeks I'm thinking of running a fanfic RPG scenario with the tentative title "Harry Potter and the Implausible Crossover" - Is this actually the title of any story? I know that there's an article called "Harry Potter and the Implausible Plot Device" which I'm not going to look at until after the con, but has this actual title been used?