September 27th, 2012

marcus 2013

More picspan - crossrail, swans, and coots

First, this evening's crossrail picture - a rather large mound of earth excavated from the Royal Oak Portal, stored between Royal Oak and Paddington Stations

Incidentally, I've created a gallery in the Crossrail entry, which I think is long overdue. later but someone apparently disagrees and promptly deleted it - really can't be arsed to do it all again.

Next, a rather odd trio - they were acting like a family, I'm no expert but I think the brown bird is not a swan - some sort of goose? Or am I completely mistaken, and it's a very large young swan that hasn't got its final plumage? They were on the canal a few days ago anyway.

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Next, some coots swimming in very clear water - again a few days ago - showing their weird feet very clearly.

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And finally, some rather silly-looking ducks at Paddington basin - saw them on my way to work last week.

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