September 28th, 2012

marcus 2013

Cold Comfort Avengers

A recent post by james_nicoll compared Game of Thrones to Cold Comfort Farm, and I happened to comment that I'd seen some Avengers / Game of Thrones crossovers, also inspired by the similarity of character names.

But now I want someone to write me an Avengers / Cold Comfort Farm crossover. I'm not going to do it myself, I already have too many incomplete projects, but maybe someone else would like to run with it. Some possible characters:
  • Flora "Pepper" Poste - When she was a little girl she was slightly dyslexic and wrote her name as Pots, hence the nickname. Youthful protagonist and organisational genius.
  • Aunt Ada Von Doom, who saw something nasty in Latveria.
  • Tony Starkadder, Howard Starkadder, Starkadder industries etc. - should be easy enough to shoehorn e.g. Tony into the Seth (handsome and oversexed) role, Howard as Amos - hellfire preacher at the Church of the Quivering Brethren. ("Ye're all damned!"), etc.
  • Mary Smiling, Flora's friend and internationally renowned lingerie expert, is obviously one of the Black Widow's identities.
Haven't yet decided on the characters who will be Captain America, Bruce Banner, Clint, Thor, Nick Fury etc. but I'm sure it's easily done.

If anyone wants to take this idea and run with it please go ahead, but a credit would be nice.