October 9th, 2012


Brick update

Petrol tank is holding, but I've decided that selling it is probably my best option; anything more serious will be well beyond my limited mechanical skills, and I think infrequent riding is really not helping. In the long term I have to think very carefully about whether I really need a bike any more; I'm walking to work most days and public transport has improved since the Circle Line was rerouted, and once I retire I doubt I'll need a bike nearly often enough to make keeping one worthwhile.

Bottom line, I'll probably list it on eBay tomorrow, low starting price and no reserve, and see what happens. My guess is it'll go for about what I paid for it if I'm honest about the problems, since I've added luggage which will put the price up a little, but that may be ridiculously optimistic.
marcus 2013

Superfluous Technology

A shoemaker near where I work has adverts up for their company's exclusive patent method - they scan your feet and make a 3D model, then use that to make shoes that fit perfectly. It's unfortunate that the way they describe the machine irresistibly reminds me of the old foot X-ray fluoroscopes that exposed so many hapless kids to about 50 x the recommended annual dose...

later - to clarify this, it's the hype that reminds me of the claims for the x-ray machines - I know they aren't using x-rays!