November 30th, 2012


A saintly murder method

I'm trying to identify one of Leslie Charteris' Saint stories in which Templar murders an abusive husband (I think in Italy) by poisoning him with the vapour from carbon tetrachloride dry cleaning fluid in a small sealed room - the murder method is suggested by a London doctor who says it's the perfect crime, but if anyone turns up killed that way he will have to report it to the police, unaware that Templar doesn't intend to use the method anywhere that he will hear about it.

Ring any bells with anyone?

Now identified Thanks to heliograph; The Cleaner Cure in Trust the Saint

An odd day for annoyance

Fracking Livejournal keeps switching me to the new version of the "Post an Entry" page, which I hate.

One of our teachers forgot to order an experiment, came in and grabbed what she wanted during lunch (while I was still supposed to be on break) and continually asked me where things were, then during the course of the lesson sent kids for more stuff eleven blasted times - and yes, I was counting.

And I got another parking ticket, again stupid because I'm still a Westminster resident with a valid parking permit. This time I've phoned the parking people, and spoke to someone who claims to have fixed the problem - apparently the permit was never entered onto the database of people who have paid for motorcycle parking, but now has been. We shall see... Meanwhile I've appealed it - the third this week.

But apart from that things are going well. I have my adventures more or less ready for Dragonmeet tomorrow, and knew that I was in the right frame of mind when I found myself typing the phrase "Are you now, or have you ever been, polluting our precious bodily fluids?" in the notes for one of them. Still a little more to prepare, and I can't find my big Forgotten Futures poster anywhere, but I ought to be OK tomorrow.