December 10th, 2012

marcus 2013

YouTube echo fail

If anyone else is suddenly getting a lot of weird echo effects on YouTube, it's because they're testing a new HTML 5 page and doing it badly.

You can fix it by going to this page and opting out of the trial - it's supposed to be opt-in only, but something seems to have gone wrong with that.
Big Red

Epic Rules Fail

One of the classic ways of knowing that an RPG's vehicle design system is clunky - invented, I seem to recall, by history_monk - is to design a single-seater motorbike and see how it comes out. Too big or heavy and it fails the test.

Here's one that came out at

Total length of vehicle: 3450 mm
Wheel base: 2410 mm
Total height: 1480 mm
Sitting height: 800 mm
Total weight, empty/curb weight: 650 kg (almost 2/3rds of a ton without rider)

There's only one problem - someone took the rules seriously and built the bloody thing

[The Gunbus 410]

The other one isn't exactly a small bike. Makes Big Red look positively puny.

NOT one I want Santa to give me for Xmas...