January 3rd, 2013

marcus 2013

As seen on Dreamwidth

Just a reminder that I'm also on Dreamwidth (also as ffutures) and will be posting there (with cross post to LJ) if Livejournal goes seriously pear-shaped. Tried it today and cross-posting to LJ didn't work, which is a bit of a pain, so you might want to friend me there too if you have a Dreamwidth account.

Jaffa bias

A while ago I edited the Wikipedia article on Jaffa cakes, mostly pointing out that they are no longer a monopoly of McVities and are sold by numerous competitors, and are now made in several sizes. Someone seems to have removed all my changes - I wonder who that could possibly be...

Later - johnreiher seems to have persuaded the deletion person that this is a valid change, and my amendments are now in place. Many thanks!