May 5th, 2013

marcus 2013

Crossrail progress

Thought I'd check on the progress of the tunnelling machines that started out across the road last year. According to the Crossrail site they've made good progress, have gone from here to Paddington, then under Hyde park and into the West End, and are both just coming up to Regent Street. then enter the station as Paddington.

This is pretty good going, hope they can keep up this pace and get the stations etc. built on time to meet the planned opening in 2018.
marcus 2013

TV - DaVinci's Demons

On rozk's recommendation I've been taking a look at this series. Lots of interesting vibes including a hint of Sherlock - references to "my methodology" and weird deductions from things like the colour of a horseman's cloak, and a slight opium habit; weird science and mystical stuff that made me wonder if The Doctor was going to pop up somewhere, or Warehouse 13's medieval ancestor; lots of sex and casual nudity; and some sort of background Papal conspiracy straight out of The DaVinci Code, involving apparent precognition with what might be time travel. What it reminds me of is Martin Woodhouse's and Robert Ross's Medici Guns series of novels, with added weird shit, plus a touch of Hudson Hawk, and I'll be very interested to see how it develops.