July 22nd, 2013

marcus 2013

Todays News...

Apparently the only important thing happening in the world this evening is that a heavily pregnant woman has gone into labour, possibly a day or two later than expected.

Makes me wonder what was shuffled off the front pages and out of the headlines generally to make news for the seven or so pages given to this non-story, and who benefits from it.
marcus 2013

My fave ipad app so far...

Although I'll probably never have a huge amount of use for it, my favourite app so far (and I've even paid £1.49 for it) is Measures HD, which uses the built-in sensors etc. for various possibly useful purposes

Tesla meter - fairly sensitive magnetic field meter
Decibel meter - noise level with graph
Big compass with GPS latitude and longitude
Protractor - not sure what I will use it for
Ruler - ditto
level gauge
Spirit level
Plumb bob
Seismograph - yes, really, very sensitive too
Stop watch

I'm reasonably sure I'll never need most of these functions, but it does seem amazingly cool.