August 18th, 2013

marcus 2013

Weirdest iPad app I've found so far far... possibly a Jupiter Ace simulator, which emulates the 4K (I think) FORTH programming language Jupiter Ace, a contemporary of the Sinclair ZX81 and early Spectrum which failed because FORTH is a total pain to learn, albeit very fast. It's actually quite a good simulator with all of the documentation of the original computer as a built-in help file - the main problem I've found is that (a) I suspect it was written for a slower iPad, key repeat is ridiculously fast and there's no way to slow it, and (b) I'm crap at FORTH. But it's a teeny program and seems to work well, if anyone wants to revisit the golden age of home programming it might be for you.

Or there are several Spectrum emulators around, if you really want to play Jet Pack Willy or something; One of them even offers Elite as an in-game purchase, which I might actually think about since there doesn't seem to be an iPad port of Oolite so far.
marcus 2013

AO3 fanfic meme - story statistics etc.

AO3 meme from selenak and misachan

Account created: 2010-04-12
Total stories: 109

Total wordcount: 750,073
Average wordcount: 6881 (average - there are a few drabbles which bring it down.)
Longest story: Family Issues (64329 words) Buffyverse / Men In Black, a rather odd Real Family story, W/T and B/S
Shortest story: The Immigrant Problem, (200) Lensman novels / Battlestar Galactica. Also lots of 100-word drabbles.

Total kudos: 660
Kudos per story: 6 (again, averaged) A lot of my stories were posted over a short period a long time after originally written, so didn't get much feedback, and a lot are short / single chapter which again brings this down.
Story with most kudos: With Friends Like These (58), Dr. Who / lots of other fandoms drabble sequence.

Total comments: 114 (this is comment theads, not comments - mostly, though, there is one original comment and one reply per thread)
Comment threads per story: 1 (again, a lot of early stories didn't get comments)
Story with most comments: Another Path, (12 threads, 28 comments) Avengers / Young Wizards.

Total author subscriptions: 25
Total story subscriptions: 30
Story with most subscriptions: Give the Boys a Great Big Hand (18), Dexter / NCIS / Burn Notice, others. Not surprising since it's the story I've updated most regularly since joining AO3, and it's popular on most sites.

Total bookmarks: 105
Story with most bookmarks: Another Path (10) again,

Stories with no comments or kudos:
Coffee, Croissants, and Cheekbones (Supergirl / Bones / Highlander / CSI) (960 words) This one I don't quite understand, it was moderately popular elsewhere.
Pre Emptive Strike (Harry Potter - Rowling, Terminator - All Media Types) (305 words) Old story
Phone Trouble (Angel: the Series, Constantine (2005), Hellblazer) (823 words) Old story
and several drabbles.