September 26th, 2013

marcus 2013

A little picspam

I haven't taken many photos lately for some reason, and many that I've taken have been things I've done all too many times before, which I won't bore you with. Here's a few others - behind a cut because one of them is another canal panorama and very wide.

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marcus 2013

Gear4 Unity Remote again

This arrived today, my impression so far is that it is nicely built and works but is as much a pain in the arse to program as any other universal remote. Since a lot of my stuff is weird brands etc. I'm not expecting it to be easy, but we'll see how it goes. I probably won't do it for a day or two since I currently have a load of furniture etc. piled in front of the cabinet holding most of the equipment, and won't be able to move it until various other things have been done.

One thing I hadn't realised is that the remote descriptions are kept in the IR pods, not the iPad - so you could have a couple of these in different rooms with different configurations in memory corresponding to the different setups you've installed. The down-side is that I don't think it's possible to back up the configuration information, in case someone damages the pod, but I could be wrong.

later So I've tried a few things and it's becoming obvious that this is pretty useless - the app was designed for iPhone and doesn't add more keys etc. on an iPad, which means that very basic functions (such as selecting SCART, HDMI, VGA, etc.) aren't on the default screen for the TV. Since they no longer make this it's unlikely that there will ever be a better app. It doesn't know about my amp, laserdisc player, another TV, and an HDMI switch I use, and it's VERY slow because it is doing the bluetooth conversion and verifying transmission for each button pressed.

I suppose it may be possible to get it to do more, but life's too short. I'm going to put this back on ebay, but I wouldn't advise bidding on it.