October 6th, 2013

marcus 2013

Colour lasers again

The Ricoh SPC240DN duplexing colour network laser printer I mentioned a few weeks ago is available for less than I thought; someone has then new at £73 inc delivery on ebay.uk. add £11 for a 3-year warranty.


The down side is that the toners supplied are chipped to 1000 pages; the up side is that the toners can be refilled and re-chipped to 2000 pages for about £15 per cartridge. So if I buy this I can expect to get say 800-1000 pages, refill, and say another 1800-2000 pages for a total price around £133, or a bit under 5p per colour page, say 1p per mono page.

I think this sounds like a pretty good deal - it's probably overkill for my needs, and it's a big heavy printer, but my idea of having a mono laser and a separate colour inkjet has turned out to be a mistake, with the inks drying out before they got much use. The mono laser is down to about a third of a cartridge, and they are expensive and difficult to refill. The Ricoh looks better than my last colour laser, and I was happy with that for several years.

Bottom line, I'll probably order one today unless someone suggests a good reason not to, and try to flog the mono laser while it still has some toner.

Later - now purchased, probable delivery Thursday. We'll see how it goes...
marcus 2013

Mass deletions from a Library Thing account

I created a Library Thing account and entered 319 books that were surplus to my needs so that the Science Fiction Foundation could see if there was anything they wanted, and a dealer could get an idea what I wanted to sell.

But now all those books are gone and I need to delete all of them (apart from the first book I entered to try the system, which is one I'm keeping) - I don't want to delete the account, since I paid for it so that it could handle that many books, and sooner or later I will be cataloguing the books I'm keeping.

So - is there any easy way to do this, or do I have to press delete - yes 319 times?

about 10 seconds later found the answer - it's one of the Power Edit options.

later still - so I started to add the first few books that I'm keeping (which will probably happen very slowly since lots of them are pre bar codes and ISBNs). Already found one big surprise - my copy of The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy is signed, and I really have no recollection of it at all. Shame it's a really battered paperback...