October 21st, 2013

marcus 2013

Something I don't seem to have put on line before...

The Aerial Board of Control's official logo, as found in the chapbook for With The Night Mail

Not sure it quite works - I read it as CAB, and the lettering style is a bit fussy, but it's the nearest we're going to get to an official logo.


Unfortunately I didn't have this when I was writing Forgotten Futures 1, and I gave the ABC a completely different logo, as here:

or just big blocky A.B.C. letters.
Aerial board of Control 1

With the Night Mail and As Easy As A.B.C. - The PDF

With the Night Mail and As Easy As A.B.C. - The PDF


About 4.28mb

I think it looks OK and works pretty well, but please let me know if it fails to load properly etc.

Front and back covers are illos by me from Forgotten Futures 1, let me know if you think they're OK for this.

Please don't copy to other sites quite yet, I want to make sure there are no problems first.

I got this done in about 15 hours, which though I say it myself is pretty good going - more than half of the time was spent wrestling with bloody Word over the formatting etc. of the adverts in With the Night Mail!

Later Added an A.B.C. icon - another will be in a GIP comment, which is best?