October 31st, 2013

marcus 2013

Looking for Bloody Marie

Innocent Blood is a fun John Landis vampire movie. It was made in widescreen, but the only DVDs sold in the English-speaking bits of the world were NTSC and cropped to 4:3 format.

However, I've just learned that there was a German DVD release under the title Bloody Marie which is (a) PAL so higher resolution and (b) a proper wide-screen recording, not (as far as I can determine) letterboxed. It's also uncut, whereas the NTSC version was cut at several points for nudity etc., and is in English as well as dubbed German and English with German subtitles.

The trouble is that it now appears to be a little rare (as far as ebay, Amazon etc. are concerned), selling for £20+. But I'm willing to bet that there are plenty of second hand copies around in Germany.

If any of my friends happen to come across a copy I would be pretty interested. It's not a film I can't live without, but I'd certainly be willing to pay a more reasonable amount for it.
marcus 2013

Ikea assemble!

Okay, that actually went quite well. Rough timetable

9.45 - start clearing and moving old shelves
11.00 - start cutting down uprights then assemble first GORMM unit
1.00 - start assembling second GORMM unit
2.00 - start putting in intermediate shelves to fit between the units
2.45 - straighten everything out and fit cross-braces (had to do this twice because I am rubbish at this stuff)
3.30 - units are assembled, in place and fixed to wall. Belatedly realise I need some end bars on them to stop books falling off. Cut some bits of scrap wooden strip (about 3/4" x 1/2") to fit and put them in place - I used a peg at the back and a screw at the front so that I could fit them in without pulling the units off the wall again.
3.45 - finished

Now all I have to do is have some lunch then start shelving books - since most of them are on my bed I have a fairly powerful motive to get it done today...