November 21st, 2013

marcus 2013

Laserdisc replacement update

I've been buying the DVDs up as I see them at a reasonable price. So far I've got

2001, Dune, all three Indiana Jones movies (cheaper than buying individually since I was missing no. 3), The Stunt Man, Young Frankenstein.

The others can wait for the time being. They're the sort of thing that turns up quite often in charity shops etc., and I think I may have a couple of them on freeby disks that were given away with newspapers, which aren't currently on my database.
marcus 2013

Farewell analogue sound

OK, so I've already replaced most of the laserdiscs I can no longer play with DVDs, and have given most of them to the Trinity Hospice charity shop in Kensington Church Street which already had some - I've kept 2001 and a couple of others which I'm thinking of framing, also the Queen one in case someone can do a LD->DVD transfer. All I need to do now is sell the old player - it's got several watchers but no bids with four days to go, I'm hoping that someone will start the ball rolling soon. It's a shame, but given how old the technology is now I suppose it's inevitable that it gets more and more difficult to keep everything working. At least this way the majority of my disks are playable, with the old player, in the last year or so, it was a coin toss if things would work for any disk, not just the analogue ones.