December 21st, 2013

Mad scientist

Texas Instruments SensorTag

Just noticed this while looking for something else, and even though I'm retired I'm very tempted to get one just to play with it.

It's a tiny low power consumption multi-sensor bluetooth device that is supported by various apps including a free datalogger program for ipads and iphones - for £20.60 + VAT. Think it's $25 in the USA.

The sensors are accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope, barometer, hygrometer, and infra-red thermometer.

The datalogger for ipads and iphones is called SensorTag and available through the app store.

This looks amazing, has anyone tried it yet?

later - forgot to say that this is supported by a lot of tools for writing your own apps etc.

much later - just noticed that this is for ipad 3 onwards and similar vintage iphones etc., earlier ones won't work. If in doubt check the documentation.

Also, it looks like power and transmission speed are low - you're looking at status checks, not a continuous stream of data, and not from really long range. Still interesting though.

Forgotten Futures character record - PDF form - round 2

This is my second attempt at an editable PDF Forgotten Futures character record form. I'd be grateful if people could give it a try now and see if anything seems to be dodgy about it, if you can make it do weird things, etc. It looks a bit nicer, I think,

All boxes are now text fields - I've set the ones that should be numbers to numerical only. There's a second overflow page, just one big text field.

You'll probably need to download it and open it in e.g. Adobe Reader - Firefox displays it but doesn't let you edit it, not sure about other browsers and readers.

update 23/12/13 - tidied it up a little, and got the file size down considerably. Please download again if you are looking at an earlier version.