February 22nd, 2014

marcus 2013


Originally pointed out by doc_w_31415 in girlgenius_lab

I mentioned this at Picocon today as proof we really are living in the future - a sports illustrated swimsuit calendar shoot in free fall. Thought I might as well provide a link. One small error on my part - it isn't the "vomit comet", though I'd imagine they use similar techniques.


There's a link for the photos as well as the video - all in the best possible taste (except for cramming a girl that size into a bikini that size)
marcus 2013

TV stands

I'm going to give away these two TV stands on Freecycle once the ads get moderator approval - let me know fast if you're interested in either and can collect from London W2 QUICKLY

large - 90cm x 50cm deep x 40cm high, castors are broken, made of chipboard or MDF, strong but VERY heavy


Small - strong metal frame, crap MDF or something boards, I think may have originally been a stand for a big speaker or something. 50cm wide, 38cm deep, 30cm high.