June 1st, 2014

marcus 2013

Picspam - the birds, the bees, and RTFM

Since it was a lovely day I went for a long walk west along the canal (e.g. away from the shops, restaurants, etc.) with my camera. Along the way I made an interesting discovery - I've known today that if I press the macro button it's only a moderately close focus, about a foot or so, not ideal for smaller things. But I discovered today that if I press it twice it goes to an "super macro" setting where it'll focus to 1cm. I've evidently done this in the past without noticing, a couple of pictures I took last week were within a few cm, but now that I know this more macro seems likely. It's undoubtedly in the manual, which I got as a download, but needless to say I never seem to have read it.

To save bandwidth I've either cropped or resampled the pictures, whichever seemed to work best. All are behind cuts:

First, some Collapse )

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Walked about five miles - not especially fast - and really enjoyed it. Next time I want to try pushing on another mile or two, go past the furthest I've walked so far.