July 20th, 2014


Fanfic - BtVS / Marvel Cinematic Universe - London Calling 1/4(?)

I've nearly finished my BtVS/Thor story, just the remainder of the big fight scene and the epilogue still to write. Since it's turning out quite long (9600 words with more to come) I've decided to start posting it in installments. The first is mostly setting the scene, so don't expect a huge amount of action. Mostly PG apart from a little bad language.

The collapse of SHIELD leads to the release of a dangerous wizard, and problems in London for Buffy, Thor, and their friends.

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marcus 2013

For the fanfic panel I'm on at the worldcon:

What fanfic were you reading / writing in these decades (fandoms, favourite ships etc.) and links to stories if possible please?

1. 1960s
2. 70s
3. 80s
4. 80s
5. 90s
6. 90s
7. 2000s
8. Nowish

For example, I know Professionals and Blake's 7 were big in the UK in the 1970s-80s, but I wouldn't know where to look for examples of period writing.