October 18th, 2014

marcus 2013

Blood donor award, infra-red camera phase 1

I forgot to mention that my award for a hundred blood donations arrived on Monday. I finally got around to taking photos today. It was a bit of a bugger to photograph because it's a clear glass obelisk thing, not the decanter I expected. Came in a nice lined box, weighs 880g (about 2lb) and 185mm high. It would make an absolutely perfect murder weapon in a country house mystery, especially since it would show fingerprints very clearly! I don't know if Wikipedia has pictures of the current version so I've uploaded it, and photos are below the cut.

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In other news, I've decided to attempt the infra-red camera conversion I mentioned in a previous post; tonight I made a dozen or so attempts to cut a piece of microscope slide the right size to replace the infra-red filter in the camera, eventually got a couple that seem to be the right dimensions (it's only 6x9mm, a sod to cut accurately). I'm not going to attempt the actual work until tomorrow, I think I'll mess up if I try it when I'm tired.