March 28th, 2015

marcus 2013

Eastercon stuff

I seem to be doing quite a lot at Eastercon this year, including a panel with Jim Butcher, Ashley Pollard, and others. Fortunately it's the "game of the book" panel so I shouldn't quite come across as an idiot, but even so...

My past experiences with being on panels with big name authors include finding out (as a panel with Philip Pullman started) that nobody actually involved in running the con was present, and that none of us knew who was supposed to be moderating it. I ended up moderating it myself. And on a panel with Roger Zelazny I recall going into a rant about the lack of imagination shown by authors who always put Jack the Ripper into stories with a Victorian setting, then learning that his latest novel's viewpoint character was JtR's dog.
marcus 2013

Maxing out

I discovered that the 17" iMac G4 can actually be maxed out to 2gb RAM, and that I can do it for a tenner, so I've ordered the ram and should sort it some time next week. I've also shoved in a spare 320gb hard disk. Hopefully those changes plus its DVD writer will push up the value considerably. But I'm not going to put it on sale until after Eastercon, too many other things to do.