April 2nd, 2015


Bundle of Laughs

Diana: Warrior Princess is one of several games included in the Bundle of Laughs, a collection of comedic RPGs on sale, partly in aid of charity, until April 14th 2015. The basic starter payment of $6.95 gets you
- Murphy's World
- Critical! Go Westerly
- Diana: Warrior Princess
- Elfs

An additional payment ($15.36 and up) gets you
- Kobolds Ate My Baby
- Low Life: Rise of the Lowly
- Bob, Lord of Evil
- Demon Hunters

You'll need a Drivethru RPG account to download the games


10% of the proceeds after gateway costs will be donated to the charity Reading is Fundamental.
marcus 2013

Thunderbirds Are Back!

Because I don't pay as much attention as I should to TV news, I only learned today that a new series of Thunderbirds episodes launches on Saturday evening on Britain's ITV. It's CGI animated, of course, not puppets like the original, but the sole review I've seen suggests that it might be worth watching. First series will be 26 half-hour episodes with a second series already confirmed. Cast looks much the same as in the original, as do the vehicles, except that it looks like FAB 1 can fly, and that there is at least one new action-orientated female character.

Trailer - https://youtu.be/6y2hFqgtjLk

You tube channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtbLAxtXlWrvx1UrHF3i7PQ
Wikipedia - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thunderbirds_Are_Go_%28TV_series%29
Web site - http://thunderbirds.com/

Annoyingly I'm away from home on Saturday, at Eastercon, and may not get to watch it for a couple of days. Really must remember to set up the recorder...
marcus 2013

iMac Update

iMac is up to 2gb and working well, speakers have arrived and work. I need to tweak the DVD drive since it occasionally refuses to open - I think it may just need a bit of graphite on the rails - but that's going to have to wait until after Eastercon. Once that's sorted I can put some paste on the heat sink connections and close the case up properly, and start looking at selling it. It doesn't have a real Apple mouse of the right period due to silly prices, just a nice white Logitech one, but everything else is looking very last-decade Apple, so hopefully it'll get a reasonable price with the extra hard disk space and RAM.