April 6th, 2015

marcus 2013

Thunderbirds ep 1-2

Just got round to watching the recording from Saturday.

OK. Well. That was a little naff. The plot was about par for Thunderbirds, though not as complicated as it sometimes was, but the animation let it down badly. The cast are in uncanny valley territory (In particular everyone's hair looks like it's moulded and part of an action figure), and inertia seems to go bye-bye whenever it suits the animators - for example, Thunderbird 2 is supposed to be a massive machine, but the "loading a cargo pod" sequence which used to seem appropriate to something that massive is now compressed to a couple of seconds. The water effects in the first part of the story were also very poor, and looked like very small models very close to the surface, not huge machines well above it. Gerry Anderson could do considerably better many years ago.

I think kids will probably love it, but I'm just not convinced. Sorry if I raised anyone's hopes.