April 13th, 2015

marcus 2013

The "third" episode of Thunderbirds Are Go...

...after the initial two part episode, was actually surprisingly good.

It focused almost exclusively on Alan aboard Thunderbird 3, Lady Penelope and Parker, and was funny despite Alan's life being in danger for much of the story. There were a few problems, most notably their sheer inability to depict space manoeuvering convincingly, but even so it was an improvement on the opening episodes and worked well enough that I wasn't too bothered by the implausibilities of the animation. I'll watch at least one more episode on the strength of it.
marcus 2013

That's weird...

I remember seeing NeXTcube computers on their initial release in the 1990s, but somehow never heard of the Power Mac G4 Cube computers of 2001-ish.

Very cool looking and high spec in their day, but quite slow by today's standards, of course. Seems odd they somehow escaped my notice. Apparently there are people gutting them and building modern Mac Minis into the casings, just for the looks...

marcus 2013

Site selling scraped / pirated(?) content from many sites

This came to me via a fanfic source, but seems to be a more general problem.

Briefly, ebooks-tree.com seems to be scraping content from a lot of sites without the author's permission. They are apparently charging for downloads, or intend to (not entirely sure how this works, I downloaded one title without paying) so there's undoubtedly a royalties issue etc.

This blog post describes what's going on and how to complain:


On a quick check I noticed, for example, that they have 11 titles by the late Aaron Allston including Star Wars books, I have no idea if these were on line as freebies or have been pirated, but I doubt that they were put there with his permission. Ditto a lot of autopope's books.