April 14th, 2015

marcus 2013

Howard Hughes in the Marvel Universe?

It's always been obvious that Howard Stark was modelled on Howard Hughes - there's plenty of evidence for this in comics and the movies, e.g. clothing choices, general appearance, lifestyle, etc.

So should we assume that there was no Howard Hughes? In particular, if I want to write a story with Hughes aircraft, such as the Spruce Goose, should I say they were developed by Stark? Or that Stark designed them for Hughes who was the financial head of another company, not its engineering genius? That way there can still be Hughes aircraft around, such as Apache helicopters etc., with Stark doing some of the designing for them when they run into technical problems their own engineers can't handle.

Any thoughts?

Poll #2007773 Howard Hughes in the Marvel universe

Does Howard Hughes exist in the Marvel universe (comics and films)?

Yes, he is the historical Howard Hughes
Yes, but he is primarily a financier.
No, Hughes was part of Stark Industries
No, anything attributed to Hughes was Stark Industries etc.
I have no opinion on this
My opinion is too complicated for this poll - see below