May 31st, 2015

marcus 2013

Picspam - more birds

Nothing special, just some ducks from the canal a couple of weeks ago, and a heron I saw in one of the formal ponds in the Italian fountain garden in Kensington Gardens. Although it isn't obvious in this photo, there are no fish whatever in the water, I have no idea how long the heron stayed there. Reduced in size by photobucket.

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marcus 2013


I need a new microwave - the old one is rusting out - so went on line to find something I can afford that looks to be reasonable quality and able to fit into the restricted height under my kitchen cupboards, which are too low for a lot of models. For various reasons I ended up with a Cookworks model sold by Argos, but had a brainwave and checked on line to see if it was available from their ebay outlet. It is, at about £4 less if collected from one of their stores.

In other words I save about 8% on the price simply by ordering it the night before I collect it and via ebay.

I'm not sure what this says about Argos's pricing, but it's interesting. And they do this with a LOT of products, so it's always worth checking.