June 7th, 2015

marcus 2013

Today's boot fair bargains

Went to the big Pimlico car boot thing which is usually good. Just missed a 15" Macbook Pro that someone was paying for as I arrived, but it looked like it was serious money so I'm not too upset. At first I couldn't find much interesting, then I found a table selling old cables, chargers, etc., and spent about £8 on:

An iLuv Displayport - Displayport cable (looks like it can also do Thunderbolt, I don't actually have any need for it at present but it's worth keeping)
A USB joystick.
An HDMI to 2 x VGA monitor adapter
A weird adapter with ten phono plugs to one D25 plug, which I think is for a home cinema amp AC-3 decoder. I'm going to offer it on the laserdisc user group, see if anyone wants to take a punt on it.
A folding aluminium magnifying glass
An Apple iPod charger - no idea if it works since I don't own an iPod. For eBay, I think.
An earthing strap for electronics work
A YBR video to SCART adapter
An HP iPaq phone (yes, it has a GSM aerial), not sure of the model, with a USB charging / data transfer cradle. Also needs a charger but it's 5V so I can probably get it from USB. So assuming it works, if the free phone service I mentioned recently does start up in the UK I may actually be able to use it without buying an iPhone or something!

Also got a nice Victorian book about London stories and legends that ought to be useful for Forgotten Futures, total expenditure about a tenner including admission.

Rather pleased!