July 4th, 2015

marcus 2013

It's how Yahoo! (Rick) Roll...

Several years ago Geocities, a big web host that amongst other things had tens of thousands of fanfic sites, went out of business. Yahoo! bought the company but did't want to keep the business going. A lot of the things they hosted stayed on line but could no longer be modified or updated.

Some time last year links that formerly accessed these sites started to go to a Yahoo! Small Business page that tried to sell you web hosting and also Rickrolled you.

Last night I hit a link from Fanlore.org and noticed that this was still happening. I also wondered why, so took a look at the Wikipedia articles on Geocities and Rickrolling and found it wasn't mentioned there. So naturally I added it to both at about 12.30 AM then went to bed. By 9.30 today Yahoo! modified the page and removed the embedded video.

I can only assume that Yahoo! has bots constantly monitoring Wikipedia (and probably other sites) and a team of ace web managers poised to swoop on anything that might be bad publicity. That or a REALLY weird coincidence...
marcus 2013

Today's School Fete and Charity Shop Bargains

Went to my old school's fete today - a bit disappointing in some respects since I didn't find anything useful for Birthday / Xmas presents (usually it's a good source of suitable tat and toys), and they'd phased out the old bottle tombola (that gave an approx 1 in 5 chance of winning some sort of booze or soft drink etc.) in favour of a thing with bottles covered with black paper - you might get a bottle of wine, but you were more likely to get a wine bottle filled with water which they kept. Since there was no way to assess the odds or see what the prizes were like, and since it was a pound a go, I only tried it once.

Fortunately they did have VERY cheap DVDs, and for a total of £4 I got The Losers, The Complete Fingerbobs, The Complete Bod, Fast and Furious 6, and a Sharpe boxed set, 14 episodes with two specials.

After that I went on to some charity shops in the area which I hadn't been to in a year or so. One of them turned out to have four laserdiscs, unfortunately priced at a fiver each - when I queried this (since none of them were rarities) they said they'd had them for ages and I was the only person who'd even looked at them, and offered to let me have them for a pound each. I ended up giving them a fiver since I felt a bit mean for haggling, then found another one on the shelf and gave them £2 for that. So I ended up paying £7 for Face/Off, Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, Naked Gun 33 1/3, Sneakers, and Ghost. Nothing I was especially looking for, but worth having at that price. Sneakers turns out to be a duplicate, and will go to a charity shop for a small karma boost.

Lugged that lot home then went out again to Portobello Road but didn't get much. I really must get some housework done before next weekend, when I have guests, but as usual sloth is currently ruling. Maybe I'll start tomorrow...