October 3rd, 2015

marcus 2013


Things are happening on the Marvel front.

First, Jessica Jones is being made for Netflix, and there are now two trailers

Second, the Agents of Shield Lance Hunter/Mockingbird spin-off may be happening still on ABC, but isn't a certainty:


Third, ABC are making a pilot for a Damage Control comedy series:


With Supergirl, new Flash, new Arrow and the Rip Hunter mini-series coming soon there is going to be a LOT of superhero stuff on TV this autumn and next year.
marcus 2013

Camera sale in charity shop

I went back to the charity shop with the camera gear today and got another lens (a Nikon 35-70 zoom which will be more ebay fodder) and a couple of odds and ends, nothing particularly interesting. They still have a LOT left, mostly 35mm but also some digital cameras and camcorders. Several Nikon and Canon Eos 35mm SLRs, the weird Nikon APS SLR, Pentax, Fuji, and other brands, lots of lenses and cases, all at fairly low prices. There was also a Nikon flashgun which I would have probably bought if I hadn't just bought the Jessops one.

If anyone else is interested it's the Trinity Hospice book shop at 33 Kensington Church Street; I have no idea how long they will have this stuff in stock, I got the impression they send it round to different branches, but if you want this sort of stuff it's worth a look.
marcus 2013

Con Man web series is up and running

"Con Man centers on the post-show life of Wray Nerely (Alan Tudyk)* the co-star of “Spectrum,” a sci-fi series, which was canceled before its time and went on to become a cult classic beloved by fans. Wray’s good friend, Jack Moore (Nathan Fillion**) starred as the series Captain and has gone on to become a major celebrity, while Wray (Tudyk) hasn’t found his desired level of stardom. Wray is the begrudging guest of sci-fi conventions, comic book store appearances, and different pop culture events; however, everything is not as it seems from the outside. The series will explore these events and all the weird and crazy things that happen to them along the way."

* Hoban "Wash" Washburne in Firefly and Serenity
** Captain Malcolm Reynolds

Wikipedia says "Gina Torres and Sean Maher, both also Firefly stars, as well as Amy Acker, James Gunn, Seth Green, and Felicia Day will guest star."

So in other words it's the big Firefly / Angel reunion web show, and looks like it might be good fun. Unfortunately it's pay to view, so I think I'm going to wait to see if it comes out on DVD or something.