November 17th, 2015

marcus 2013

Cheap Blackberry Tablets

Morgan computers have been selling refurbished used 64GB blackberry tablets at £40 for a while. They've now got an offer for £20 + £5 delivery - this page and enter the discount code BLACK99 on checkout:

The offer appears to be for today only.

I'm not sure how useful these are - given that they've reduced the price to this extent there are probably snags - but I thought I'd pass it along. The specification looks reasonable for a media/web tablet, and they can apparently run some Android applications. Although I already have an iPad I'm going to get one to try out some Android programs such as Alite, the Android version of Elite, it isn't a huge risk. I'll post more on it when I've tried it. And probably sell it on eBay once I'm done with it.

Usual warning - I'm on Morgans mailing list so saw this advertised - there may be better offers out there I'm not aware of.
marcus 2013

Dragonmeet Games Update

Due to circumstances beyond my control I will only be running an afternoon game session at Dragonmeet:

The Pirates - In An Adventure With Aliens
Diana: Warrior Princess rules

With Earth under attack by deadly aliens, Queen Buttercup of the former People’s Republic of Florin decides to issue Letters of Marque and Reprisal to any pirate or privateer prepared to rise to the challenge. The adventurers are retired pirates, immortal and bored; this might be their chance for new adventures, if they can sort out a few minor problems such as not actually owning any ships. And there might even be money in it, anyone who calls themselves “gold” and flies around in pyramids probably has some treasure lying around…

4-6 players, 2-3 hours.

Note - this was inspired by a management game run by SF author Jo Walton (author of Tooth and Claw on which FFX was based, and other fine books) at a con many years ago, in which a crack team of experts had to rebuild Florin's economy, and ended up getting the Dread Pirate Roberts to do most of the heavy lifting.

Many apologies to anyone who was planning to play in the morning session.