November 28th, 2015

marcus 2013

Bones of contention

Something I saw in a TV show tonight boggled me slightly...

Posting as someone who has actually prepared small animal skeletons for display, the idea that someone could prepare a human skeleton literally overnight - all flesh gone, all bones dry, bleached, fully articulated and wired - is frankly ludicrous. It takes a lot of physical work to remove the flesh, combined with chemical processes that typically take several days to weeks. On something as big as a human skeleton I'd guess that it's more at the weeks end of the scale. And wiring one up as well as was shown in the episode would take a good few hours after all that was complete.

While Bones and other forensic shows use the same short cut, whenever you see someone messing around with a clean white skeleton only hours after a body is found, they don't usually put such a precise time scale on it.

The silly part is that it was completely unnecessary, they could have simply changed the plot slightly and said that the victim had been missing for a couple of weeks. Not a bad episode, except for that, but I really wish they hadn't started out with something so silly.
marcus 2013

Fictional postal robbery

I'm trying to identify an old novel about a mail van robbery in New York. Basically, a group of criminals hijack a postal delivery and kidnap several postmen, getting away with a lot of money, checks, etc. The case is investigated by the US Postal Service as well as police etc. I don't think it's a particularly notable book, but I'm writing something that needs a fictional postal inspector, it'd be interesting to see how the service works if I can get hold of a copy.

Ring any bells with anyone?
marcus 2013

Today's charity shop bargain...

...was a Perfit Contour ergonomic mouse for a quid. It's designed for a right-handed user with large hands (which fits me, since although I'm a lefty I use mice with my right hand) but for some reason I'm not very keen - I think I'm so used to a normal mouse design that the unusual size of this and position of the scroll wheel etc. really puts me off - so I think it'll be headed for eBay.

Also got a mini FireWire to FireWire 400 cable which will be perfect for my small FireWire drive and the MacBook Pro, also for a quid.

And was offered a Mac Powerbook for £40, but the condition was lousy and they didn't have the power supply so I passed.