December 15th, 2015

marcus 2013


The calculator I sold on eBay has gone missing somewhere in the Italian postal system, and the buyer claims to need it for an exam on the 18th. Royal Mail track and trace is about as much use as a chocolate teapot, all it shows is that it arrived in Italy on the 1st. There appears to be no way for me to trace it beyond that.

I'll phone Royal Mail customer service tomorrow to see if there's some way to do this, but if anyone does happen to know a method it would be great if you could tell me!

update - Royal Mail customer services say to make a claim at least three weeks after the estimated delivery date. I've told the buyer to start an "item not delivered" claim once eBay let him, I'll refund as soon as they let me and make a claim once Royal Mail allow it. I will not hold my breath waiting...